Build out your niche, drive traffic into your funnel, and convert visitors into profits!
Website Builder And Hosting
One of the most time consuming, complicated, frustrating things to do when setting up a website... is setting up the website. We gotcha covered, with the NicheBuilder™ software your hosting and domain DNS management is included for up to 100 websites. Using the website editor is easy and makes the process of editing your site design and pages very intuitive and easy to do.
Domain Research And
Checking to see if domain names are available for your desired keywords has never been easier. With the NicheBuilder™ domain research and registration tool, you can quickly search for all available matches for a keyword domain, and then easily register it right from within the software, and all the technical DNS settings and registrations will be handled for you automatically.
Keyword Research Tool
Keyword research is a CRITICAL component to the success of your SEO and traffic campaigns. Our keyword research and analysis tool will help you locate high traffic, low competition keywords... as well as tell you if the exact match domains are available... AND it will also check the top ranking websites for any keyword and display their SEO quality for a quick but intelligent look at your potential competition.

Content Outsourcing And
The search engines area always on the hunt for websites that are populated with unique and relevant content. But writing unique content can be a royal pain in the butt. Right within NicheBuilder™ you can order unique content to be written, or rewritten for you by our partner network of 2,000+ article writers. Now you can build a complete website with 100% unique content, have all the content written for you for fractions of a penny per word, and have the entire thing published and ready for SEO within 24 - 48hrs.
Visitor Traffic Statistics
Everything we are doing is about getting traffic, so of course we have a traffic statistics feature built into NicheBuilder™. All your sites will automatically be monitored for page views, visits and unique visits so you can quickly see the success of all your niche sites from one easy to view screen. NOTE: All our sites are integrated with Google Analytics as well for more in depth statistics.
We’ve gone into the studio and created videos til we were tired of talking. Sit with us as we go through the system step-by-step and demonstrate the power of the system in front of you.